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Our tours in Paris

The parking point is located close to east pillar of the Eiffel Tower (button « Location »).
Our service is effective throughout the year from Wednesday to Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the standard rate, outside of these hours, please consult our price list below. Rates include VAT (10%).

Any pick up other place than in Eiffel Tower is possible (See « Custom ride »)

Our barouche, a burgundy « vis-à-vis » double hood accepts 4 adults (5 or 6 with extra charge). In case of bad weather or cold, the carriage can therefore cover (partially or completely) and is equipped with blankets.

Service options on board such as, champagne, roses, macaroons, chocolate heart, fruit basket... etc, is possible with extra charge (button « Options »).

Payment is required by credit card (phone us), via Paypal or bank transfer upon booking.

To book, it is necessary to fill out the form below (button « Booking ») or call us at + 33 (0)6 62 20 24 88; confirmation of availability and pre-booking will be sent by e-mail within 24 hours.
Upon receipt by you, simply follow the indicated link to make payment. The reservation becomes final after receipt of payment, triggering the sending of your voucher. A bill can be sent by e-mail if required.

Eiffel tower departure between 13h-19h 19h-20h 20h-21h 21h-22h 10h-12h 12h-13h
30min 95 120 170 275 190 120
1h00 190 240 340 550 380 240
1h30 285 360 520 820 570 360
2h00 380 475 685 1100 760 475
2h30 475 595 855 1370 950 595

Rates in €uros, VAT included, from Wednesday to Sunday with burgundy vis-à-vis, departure & return Eiffel Tower